No nonsense chatbots for Enterprises

Flexible, privacy-first chatbot platform built on leading-edge ParallelDots NLP APIs.

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How are we different

Publications at top peer reviewed conferences

On-premise as well as cloud deployment

Strong proprietary embedded NLP and Computer Vision AI technology

We work with some of the top brands and institutions

Some Examples

Customer Service

  • Complaints
  • Queries
  • FAQs

Enterprises can now automate customer service processes with a chatbot that understands natural language. Chatbots can address complaint escalation and redressal, answering FAQs and answering user queries.

Product Survey

Chatbots can now take surveys. Plugin ParallelDots chatbots to Facebook Messenger, Alexa, your website or app to place questionnaire to users. The output can be a dashboard with final insights or just a chat-log is you still wish to do the analysis manually.

Bot's Insight

Satisfaction Survey

Integrate a chatbot with SMS, WhatsApp for business or Facebook Messenger to take feedback on customer service automatically. The chatbot asks questions, analyses emotions about different keywords and gives a realtime dashboard. Say good-bye to the hassle of tele-callers, BPOs and transcriptors. Significant cost reductions from existing methods.

Bot's Insight

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